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About Me

Hi, my name is Jack george and im 19 years old.

At this moment I am an undergraduate student studying Web Development at Staffordshire University. I have taken the passed few years of my life very seriously and my self motivated attitude has allowed me to secure a place at Staffordshire studying a subject I am very interested in and passionate about. What I aim to do with my time at Staffordshire University is to pick up many skills which will allow me to further understand the Web Development industry as a whole as well as secure me work in the years to come.

With my spare time I tend to spend most of it with family, my girlfreind, friends or all of them. I believe this is an accurate representation of my character as I am very oriented around the people that I care about. When not spending time with friends and family I tend to spend that time on the computer either playing video games or furthering my knowledge into the ICT world.